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Experience with Our Exquisite Selection

Currently, Siberian Sturgeon Caviar is the highest produced species of Caviar globally. With such an abundance, the ability to maintain the best consistent quality has been our task. As a Master Processor and Distributor, we have full oversight and maintain our traditional Caspian Processing and Management Team to handle the harvest, selection and salt work that results in unmatchable consistent quality. The Siberian Sturgeon takes between 4-7 years to reach maturity and each female Sturgeon yields about 1.5 kilograms of Caviar. 

What differentiates Sasanian Siberian Baerii Caviar from all the rest is our larger than average pearl size and our smooth and clean taste. The flavor of our Siberian Caviar is a result of clean flowing natural fresh water that keeps the Sturgeon in optimal settings. In addition to our breed stock being raised in the most possible natural yet controlled settings, our processing techniques ensure that we surpass ALL in final quality of our Siberian Sturgeon Caviar in the market. It’s with much joy we present our esteemed clientele with a Siberian Osetra or Siberian Sturgeon Caviar worthy of much praise. Siberian Osetra is a great Caviar overall and is one of our favorites.

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